Maryland Crescent, Maryland Lagos

Branding and Print


Kimberly Clark , Nigeria

Nature of Project

Branding, Printing

Book of  Baby memories

Huggies wanted to create a book of “baby memories” for new moms. A book that records the babies’ journey from the day of birth to the naming, to first crawl, first steps, family tree and many more. We converted their brief with a spice of “Africa” and produced  a journal that every new African mom can relate to.

BRT Bus Branding

This project involved BRT Bus branding and large format printing. “Only mum’s hug is better” campaign reminding mum’s of the power of hugs and bringing more hugging programmes to hospitals. Every hug sets off cascades of hormones that benefit health and help regulate body temperature. A hug can stabilize heart rate, increase oxygen levels, strengthen the immune system, and reduce crying and stress. (Backed by science)